ASBA, Demat & Online Trading

Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) is a process used to apply for IPO (Initial Public Offer), FPO (Follow-on Public Offer) or RIGHTS issue in India. Under this process, investor’s application amount remains in their bank account but will be temporarily blocked/reserved until the share allotment process is complete. If the shares are allotted to the investor, the amount blocked will be debited from the account, or else the blocked amount will be released.

Benefits of ASBA facility:

No need to write cheques or purchase Demand Drafts No hassle of Refund Orders and encashment of the same

Additional benefits of ASBA facility in Karnataka Bank:


APPLY ONLINE for IPO/RIGHTS in 5 easy steps and in 5 minutes.

It’s that simple with Karnataka Bank.

  • Apply online - No need to submit physical ASBA application form.
  • ASBA facility available in KBL MobilePlus 24/7.
  • Apply for IPO/RIGHTS Anytime - Anywhere.
  • Receive alerts on your registered mobile number.
  • Works even on holidays during the IPO/RIGHTS period.
  • Facilitated with bid “Withdraw” and “Rebid” option.
  • Check the status of the application till allotment process.
  • Details of the past IPO application details available all time.

Open account with Karnataka bank and download KBL MobilePlus application to avail eASBA facility. Alternatively, the account holder can submit physical ASBA application to the nearest branch.

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Update your KYC details with your Depository Participant regularly to prevent unauthorized transactions in your demat account. Update Mobile & email id to receive transaction alert messages. Issued in the interest of the Investors.

Contact details : 0824-2228222; Email : asba-email

Karnataka Bank offers Depository Services (i.e. Demat Account facility) to its customers to hold securities in dematerialized form. Bank has registered as Depository Participant (DP) Registration Number: IN-DP-105-2015 with Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. (‘CDSL’ is one of the Depositories in India.)

Bank also offers trading facility in association with Way2Wealth Brokers Pvt. Ltd. (i.e. registered stock broking company with head office located in Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Please note that Capital Market are subject to market risks and volatility which may have bearing on returns of interest as well as principal. Ensure you read the financials, and understand the market nuances before making the investment decision. We also advise you to consult a professional investment consultant/advisor/tax planner etc. before you make a decision to invest/purchase.

3-IN-1 Account facility:

  • ‘3-IN-1 account’ is a facility in which your Savings & Demat account will be with the Bank & Trading account will be with Way2Wealth Brokers Pvt Ltd.

2-IN-1 Account facility:

  • ‘2-IN-1 account’ is a facility in which your Savings Bank account will be with the Bank and Demat & Trading account will be with IIFL Securities and Way2wealth Brokers Pvt Ltd.

Bank is providing both these ‘3-IN-1 & 2-IN-1 account’ facilities on Referral & Non-risk Participation basis.

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Kind attention - Demat account holders of the Bank

Pursuant to SEBI guidelines, all the existing demat accounts, who have not validated their KRAs (i.e. email Id & Mobile No – provided for Demat Account purpose) & have not linked their PAN to their respective Aadhar No as on 01.09.2023, will be suspended from Credit & Debit transactions till the validation is complete and marked as successful by the KRA registry. Further, with effect from 30.09.2023, the demat accounts without nomination will also be suspended from Credit & Debit transactions till the nomination/ Opt-out details are updated.
In this regard, the existing customer are requested to immediately validate their KRA details and update nomination details using the below given links, for uninterrupted DP service.
                                                      Validate Email & Mobile No. Link PAN & Aadhaar Update nomination details


Please contact your Karnataka Bank branch or Demat section (0824-2228320/319 – dpemail) for further details and for submission of KYC documents

KBL Smart Trade a/c facility is available for existing customer of Karnataka Bank.


Open A/c Instantly

For Resident Individuals only

To open Joint demat account or other than Resident Individuals accounts, Kindly Click here to register your details. Representative from IIFL Securities will contact you shortly.

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