MoneyClick - Frequently Asked Questions (F A Q’s)

1) What is Internet Banking? What is special about Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is an additional service channel by your Bank to serve valued customers like you. Through Internet banking channel, you can access your Bank Account with an Internet enabled PC for transacting business or obtaining information. The access is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and you can operate your account anytime/anywhere at your convenience. 


2) What is the URL for Internet Banking?

Our URL for Internet Banking is https://karnatakabank.com. Click on the link to go to login page. 


3) What is MoneyClick all about? 

Your Bank’s Internet Banking channel is branded as MoneyClick. MoneyClick is available at all Branches of Karnataka Bank (KBL), which are under core Banking solution. You can access your account(s) through your personal computer from your home, office or any location where you have Internet facility. The connectivity is offered through our website https://karnatakabank.com.  

4) What infrastructure should I have to avail of MoneyClick? 

All you need is PC at your location with a minimum configuration of

1)      Computer Chip with Memory of 32 MB RAM and above.

2)      Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

3)      A modem for logging on to the Internet

4)      A telephone connection

5)      Internet connection.


5) How safe is MoneyClick? 

MoneyClick is operated through KBL’s dedicated Web centre. The data and messages communicated by you and to you are encrypted in transmission through customized software, which also includes adequate firewalls for protection of customer interests. MoneyClick is therefore totally secure and safe. All that the customer needs to be careful about is safety and security of his Internet Banking User Id and Passwords.


6) I have no account at Karnataka Bank branch to avail Internet Banking Services. What do I do? 

You have two options: -

1) Open an operative account at any of our Karnataka Bank Branches and fill up the registration form for Internet Banking.

2) After visiting any of our Branches, ask for transfer of your existing operative account from your present Bank to our Bank. 


7) Are there any charges for availing Internet Banking service? 

Availing Internet Banking or Registration for Internet Banking service is absolutely Free of charge.


8) Will personal visits to the branch be charged after enrolling into MoneyClick? 

No. There will not be any charges for your branch visits. You are always welcome.


9) What do I need to view/enable my various Karnataka Bank relationships Online? Can I have only one Internet Banking Id for all Karnataka Bank relationships? 

To enable all your accounts online, you need to have Internet Banking User Id and Passwords, with linking of your various accounts. To get your User Id and Passwords, you have to fill-up the Registration form available at your Branch by giving the details of all your accounts and submit the same at the Branch. With in 10 working days you will get User Id and Passwords thro’ courier to the address mentioned in your application.  Subsequently also you can apply for linking of accounts. Forms are also available on our website under Applications for downloading.


10) I am a non-resident Indian. How do I apply for Internet Banking Services? 

If you want to open the account when you are outside India,

1.Download and fill in the application form.

2.Submit your request form with a copy of your passport to the branch where you have accounts.


11) What all accounts can be provided with Internet Banking?


       Which are the types of accounts that are not eligible for MoneyClick?  

All-operative accounts like Savings, Current and Overdraft Accounts can be provided with Internet Banking Facility. However, the following accounts are not eligible for MoneyClick facility: 

1        Accounts of illiterate persons

2        Accounts of Blind persons

3        Accounts of Minors below 12 years of age

4        Accounts operated in representative capacity like Clubs, Associations, Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Funds, Society, Co-operative Society, Trusts, Any Local Bodies and accounts operated by Mandate / Power of Attorney Holders.

5        Accounts under Garnishee/Attachment order or which are subject to litigation/dispute.

6        Encumbered Accounts.


12) A. I do not have an Internet Banking User Id, how can I get one?

 B. How do I get access to Internet Banking Services? 

All our customers can have an Internet Banking account by registering for the facility. To get your User Id and Passwords, you have to fill-up the Registration form available at your Branch by giving the details of all your accounts and submit the same at the Branch. The forms are also available on our website for downloading. Within 10 working days you will get User Id and Passwords thro’ courier to the address mentioned in your application. Links have been provided for getting Internet Banking Service in our web site www.karnatakabank.com. Click the relative link and on getting login page, enter Internet Banking User Id and Login password in the Login page of MoneyClick to access your account information. If you are logging in for the first time, the system will compel you to change passwords given by the Bank. It is mandatory and you can have your own passwords for safety of your account information.


13) How do I get Internet Banking Id and password for the Internet Banking Services? In case I have forgotten/not received my Internet Banking Id and Password, how can I obtain them? 

Getting Internet Banking User Id and passwords is explained above. 

If you have forgotten the passwords, all you have to do is fill the request for issue of new passwords in form (IB F.No.3003), which is available in your branch and submit to your branch. Within few days, you will receive password(s) from us. You can also download the form from our website. 

The passwords would be couriered to your address available with the Bank. Your passwords cannot be given to you on telephone for security reasons. 

14) How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking? 

There are will be only one password for logging in to MoneyClick that is Login Password.


15) A. I have accounts in 2 branches of the Bank. Should I have separate Internet Banking User Id’s?

       B. Can I access my account with another Branch with the same User Id? 

It is not necessary to have separate User Id’s for different branch accounts. You can link all your accounts to a single User Id and access all your accounts. In case, if you have not mentioned the other branch accounts in the registration form at the time of applying, then just fill an application form for linking of account (IB F.No.3004) and submit it to your branch requesting us to link all your accounts.

However, if you want separate access, then you have to apply separately from the respective branch.


16) If I am an individual and hold a Karnataka Bank Current Account as well as a Karnataka Bank savings Account, can I link these relationships to the same Internet Banking Id? 

Yes. If you are an individual with Savings Account and hold a Current A/c in your own name, you can link these relationships to the same Internet Banking User Id. However, your SB Account cannot be linked to your Company or Partnership Account Internet banking Id unless there is an express authority in writing to this effect. The other way i.e. linking the Company/Partnership Account to your individual Internet banking Id is not permitted. 


17) I have a personal Internet Banking Id for my personal accounts. Can I use the same to access my company’s accounts? 

No. You need to use a separate Internet Banking User Id.


18) How to choose passwords? 

Passwords must be a combination of alphabets and numbers, with a minimum of 6 characters and maximum of 28 characters. Passwords should not be based on Internet Banking User Id, Spouse/children’s name, telephone/Vehicle number, birthday or any other personal information, which can be easily guessed. (Atleast one character must be an alphabet or a number).


19) What are good practices for keeping the passwords confidential? 

To have better security of your passwords, the following instructions may be looked in to: 

      Password should not be based on Internet Banking User Id, Spouse/children’s name, telephone/Vehicle number, birthday or any other personal information, which can be easily guessed.

      Password must be kept confidential at all times and not to be divulged to anyone even if they claim to be from the Bank. 

       Password must be memorized and not to be recorded anywhere. 

      Password should be changed regularly.  

The above is only indicative and not exhaustive.


20) Should I keep my login password and transaction password different? 

Not necessarily, but it is recommended to have both passwords different so that there 

is no possibility of misuse even if somebody knows your login password.


21) Can I have 2 Internet Banking User Ids? 

For a given account, you can have only one User Id. However in case you have more than one account, then you can request for 2 User Ids by submitting two separate registration forms. But in case the accounts are of one individual, it is better to have a single Internet Banking User Id with linking of all other accounts so that all accounts can be accessed in one login.


22) Is Internet Banking User Id and Password case sensitive? 

User Id is not case sensitive whereas passwords are case sensitive.



23) Can I change the couriered Internet Banking User Id and Password? 

User Id is permanent for a given account and cannot be changed. It is mandatory for you to change the machine-generated passwords with your own convenient passwords at first login. Later on at any time you can change your passwords, but not the Internet Banking User Id.


24) How to change passwords? 

 Passwords can be changed at any time and any number of times by going through  “Change Password” option.  In fact we recommend it should be changed often to secure access to your accounts through Internet.


25) I have got my Internet Banking User ID and Passwords; Tell me what do I do? 

To access MoneyClick, customer has to go to our web site www.karnatakabank.com wherein a link is available to Retail, Corporate and CyberKids login pages. You can logon to MoneyClick with your User ID and Passwords. When you are logging in for the first time you will get a screen detailing the Terms & Conditions governing our Internet Banking services. On acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, the system will prompt you to change your Login and Transaction Passwords. You are required to change the password assigned by the Bank in the first instance for your convenience and safety. Once the passwords are changed successfully, system will prompt you to send a mail requesting activation (automatic e-mail, Click on Send option) of your Internet Banking Account. Account will be activated by Customer Care Centre after due authentication of the request.  

After activation of your Internet Banking account you will be able to visit login home page by using User Id and changed password. You will now come to the login home page, which is also called the ‘my A/c’s page. It specifies your identity and informs you the last time you logged on to the site as well as the current date and time. You also get to see the mails that you may have received from the Bank and other alerts as specified by you. On this page there is an overview of all the relationships that you have linked to your Internet Banking Id. The Side Menu displays the various functions available to the users. You can click on any options on Side Menu to access and use the relevant services.


 26) I am unable to login with the couriered Password and allotted Internet Banking User Id. 

  • Passwords are case sensitive. Kindly be a little more careful while typing the system-generated passwords for the first time. It is possible that your system may be facing some problems. Please click on MoneyClick Help on our web site to make necessary changes in settings of your PC.
  • It may be possible that your Internet Banking account has not been activated. Please attempt logging in after some time of your submitting acknowledgement i.e. after first login, successful change of passwords and auto e-mail. If the problem persists please get in touch with the Customer Care Centre/ branch. 


27) Is it safe to login from Cyber Café?

 Yes, provided you do not disclose your passwords and logout in proper way. Please refer to section on security aspects to be considered for operation from Cyber Café.


28) What are the different kinds of Transactions that I can do in MoneyClick? 

Given below is list of queries/transactions that you can do:

  • Account Information
  • Account Balance
  • Quick Glance Statement 
  • Payments and Transfers
  • Details of payment received
  • Utility Bill Payments via Banking Accounts
  • Account to Account Transfer (Self)
  • Account to Account Transfer (Others) but within the Bank
  • Account to Account Transfer with other Banks thro’ RTGS
  • Demand Draft Request 
  • Investments / Deposits
  • Multi Branch Banking Facility
  • Term Deposits
  • NRI Deposits 
  • Information Centre-Website
  • Interest Rates
  • Products
  • Foreign Exchange rates / Market Information 
  • Customer Service
  • Statement of Account Request
  • Cheque Book request
  • Cheque Status Inquiry
  • Deposit Slip Request
  • E-Mail Address Change Request
  • Stop payment Request
  • Change password (s)
  • Mail Box
  • Prepayment simulation
  • Nomination Request
  • Addition / Deletion request for Joint Accounts 


MoneyClickTM – Corporate:

In addition to the aforesaid Services, the Corporate Customers can avail the following additional Services.

  • Import / Export Credit Facilities:
  • Request for Export / Import Credit Facilities 
  • Request for release of Packing Credit / Shipping Loan 
  • Request for Purchase / Discount / Negotiation of / Advance against Export Bill 
  • Request for Opening of Import Letter of Credit     
  • Request for Amendment of Import Letter of Credit  
  • Import / Export Queries:
  • Query on Import / Export Documentary Credits
  • Query on Import / Export Bills     
  • Import / Export Requests: 
  • Lodging Import / Export Bill  
  • Forward Contracts:
  • Request for Booking of Forward Contracts (Sale / Purchase) 
  • Query on Forward Contracts (Sale / Purchase) 
  • Inland Trade:
  • Request for opening of Inland Letter of Credit 
  • Request for Amendment of Inland Letter of Credit 
  • Query on Inland Inward / Outward Documentary Credits 
  • Query on Inland Bills (Inward / Outward)
  • Bank Guarantee:
  • Request for Bank Guarantee 
  • Query on Bank Guarantee

MoneyClickTM – Cyberkids:

To inculcate the habit of Banking among Children and in order to increase our Customer Base of younger Generation our bank has introduced Internet banking to the Children aged between 12-18 years under the Brand name MoneyClick-Cyberkids. As the Accounts are minor Accounts, only following Functionalities are available to the Cyberkids Customers: 

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cheque Status Enquiry
  • Cheque Stop Payment
  • Open deposit Account


29) I want to know more about

a.      Funds transfer between my own a/cs.

b.      Funds transfer to a third party a/c in Karnataka Bank.

c.      Funds transfer to an account in any Bank across cities.   OR

How can I transfer funds between my own accounts/other accounts?


a) Funds transfer between your own a/c's

You can transfer funds to your own linked a/c’s by selecting the respective debit and credit accounts, amount and once you click on pay button the system will ask you to give transaction password. Once transaction password is given, money transfer takes place instantaneously. You can even schedule the transfer for a future date.


b) Funds Transfer to a third party a/c in Karnataka Bank

For doing a third party a/c Transfer in your Bank, you will have to register the payee. On entering the payees name and A/c number and other details, you will get an online confirmation. Once the payee is registered you can select the payee and transfer funds instantaneously as above.


c) Funds Transfer to an account in any Bank across cities

Using this option, you can transfer funds to any account in a bank other than Karnataka Bank. Transfers from your Bank Accounts to the Other Banks Accounts are done through RTGS.


30) Using Fund Transfer facility, how much I will be able to transfer in a day?  

For Savings/Current accounts, a per day limit of Rs. 2.00 lakh has been fixed on the Fund Transfer facility.

For our customers enjoying working capital limits such as OD, Bills, Export Credits etc. an overall per day limit of Rs.10 lacs or 5% of the sanctioned fund based limit (whichever is less) with a per payee maximum limit of Rs.2 lacs per day has been fixed under this facility. Minimum amount for fund transfer within the Bank is Rs.100/-.



31) What are the advantages of doing an Online Funds Transfer? 

Let us look at the comparison table for a better understanding 

Payment System





















Money Order







Telegraphic (or wire) transfer







Karnataka Bank










32) Can I make a loan payment? 

No. You can make an off-line request for transfer of instalment or interest etc. that will be attended by the Bank.


33) I want to add more accounts in Internet Banking Services. How can I? 

Accounts maintained by you in any of the Karnataka Bank Branches can be attached to your existing Internet Banking User Id provided you are the sole account holder or you have consent from other joint holders in case of joint accounts operated severally. You may submit your request for linking of all these accounts in IB Form No.3004 at the Branch where you have accounts.


34) Can transfers be edited or deleted? 

Once committed, it is not possible to edit/delete the transfer as fund transfer is instantaneous or happens on real time basis. But a transfer can be edited or deleted before confirming the transaction. Scheduled transfers may be edited or deleted before the scheduled date.


35) Are there any banking Alerts that I can subscribe for in MoneyClick? 

Yes. You can subscribe for any of the following Alerts in MoneyClick:

  • A/c getting debited
  • A/c getting credited
  • Cheque bounce.
  • Salary credit
  • MoneyClick Passwords expiry date
  • Deposit maturity date
  • Loan instalment due date and many more


36) Once a stop payment has been entered, can it be deleted? 

No. Once a stop payment request has been submitted, it cannot be undone through the Internet Banking system. You may call or send letter to the Branch for revoking such instructions thro’ manual process.



37) How long will I be able to see transactions and statements? 

By choosing “Mini statement’ option you will be able to view the last 10 transactions in your account.

By choosing ‘Detailed Statement’, you will be able to view up to last 300 Transactions in your Account.


 Common Problems faced 

38) I am getting a message “ You are viewing this page due to the following reasons” while I am working on the Internet Banking site (logging out). 

The following may be the reasons:-

  • It is likely that your system has been idle for more than 180 seconds.
  • It is also possible that your Internet connection is slow and the session gets timed out.
  • The services may be down from our end. In this case you may please try after a few minutes.


39) I am not able to open Internet Banking page./I am getting a “ Page cannot be displayed” screen. 

Please check the cipher strength of your system. You may check cipher strength of your computer by clicking “About Internet Explorer” in the “Help” menu option of Internet Explorer. If it does not show cipher strength of 128 bits then please update the same by clicking “Update Information” button. You can also click on MoneyClick Help on our website for assistance.


40) I just made an Internet bank transaction, but show balance is not reflecting the same. 

In order to view your current balance you may click on “My Account Summary”. Show balance or some screen would reflect balance as on the start of the given day.


41) Why isn’t my ID working to log into the system? 

Make sure that you are typing the Internet Banking User Id and not some other ID to log into the system. Also see to it that your Internet connection is working properly. If the problem continues please contact our Customer Care Centre.


42) Why am I getting a message telling that I cannot transfer funds due to daily maintenance? 

Account information is REAL TIME, and for this reason, Internet banking will be unavailable during system maintenance. We recommend waiting about 30 minutes or 1 hour and trying again. The system would be finished with the maintenance by that time, and you will be able to make transactions as usual.




43) What can I do to protect my accounts and personnel information while I’m banking online? 

Numerous steps have been taken by your Bank to keep your accounts and personal information secure, but you must also maintain the security of your own banking information. Here’s what you can do:


Memorize your Internet Banking User ID and Password: -

Please try to remember the password and do not write it down or paste it somewhere. If it falls in the wrong hands it may create problems.


Change your passwords regularly.

Passwords should be changed often to secure access to your accounts through Internet.


Remember to log off: -

It is important to sign off when you have finished your banking transactions especially when you are not on your own computer. We recommend closing of your Internet connection on completion of your Internet Banking session.


Utilize the built in security features of your browser: -

We recommend that you utilize the built in security features that browsers provide because that will provide extra security. Upgrade to a browser that supports 128-bit encryption. To test your browser security, click on the Test Browser link from the Internet Banking login screen.


44) Can I access my account when I am travelling? 

Yes. Of course. You can access your accounts from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.


45) What happens if I don’t logout? 

Please ensure to logout in a proper way. However, if you abruptly close your Internet Banking page, your session will end. Kindly do not leave your system in between while accessing Internet Banking, as this will give opportunity to others around you to operate your accounts.


Value Added Services: 

MoneyClick –Bills

46) Is 'MoneyClick Bills' Service secure?
MoneyClick uses the highest level of encryption to ensure safety and security of your accounts. Unlike normal Internet communication, information provided at MoneyClick is sent in a "secure session" established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL technology secretly encodes the information that is sent over the Internet between your computer and MoneyClick. MoneyClick uses 128-bit encryption, the maximum level of encryption possible on Internet.


47) How can I register for availing Bills facility?  

This facility is available to all the customers who have registered for our Internet Banking MoneyClick. For availing bill payment facility, you may open an Operative account with any of our branches and register yourself for the Internet Banking Channel-MoneyClick.


48) Which Bills can I pay using this service?

You can pay any Biller or Institution that the Bank is having arrangement with like:

Telephone, mobile phone, electricity and other utility bills like Water supply, credit cards, calling cards, Insurance premium, ISP, Donations, Online Shopping, Magazine Subscription, Paging services, School / college fees, Water Tax, Property Tax etc.

The list of Service Providers for whom you can make payments using the 'MoneyClick Bills' at various cities is available under the option "Bills you can pay"

49) How does 'MoneyClick Bills' work?

'MoneyClick Bills' helps you to view, pay and manage all your bills from the convenience of your desktop either at home or at office. 'MoneyClick Bills' gives you the flexibility to pay your bills through the Internet.  To pay your bills through Internet, you need to log into our website www.karnatakabank.com, access MoneyClick and choose the option MoneyClick Bills from the main Menu. Then select the bills you want to pay. The instruction is to be given 2 days prior to the due date of the bill. On successful entry of Bill information and payment instruction, your Bank account will be debited for an amount equal to the Bill amount and is then remitted to your Service Provider for whom the payment was due. 'MoneyClick Bills' keeps you informed about the status of your bills through e-mail/alert right from the time when a new bill is received. You may also schedule your payment by specifying a fixed amount, like standing instruction as explained below.

 50) What are the features & benefits of this service?

Online access - any day, anytime, anywhere

There are no holidays at 'MoneyClick'. Bill payment being a part of this, the service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you need is access to MoneyClick to pay your bills. But your payment Instruction should be given atleast two working days in advance of the actual due date.

E-mail notification

'MoneyClick Bills' Service sends email notifications/alerts to keep you informed at all times. We will send you an email alert as soon as a bill is received and also a confirmation after payment.

Bill payment & tracking

MoneyClick Bills Inbox gives you a summary of your pending Bills with all key details. On the same page, the Bill Outbox gives you details of all payments scheduled by you.

Instant pay & Auto pay

'MoneyClick Bills' provides you the flexibility of following 2 payment options:

With the Instant Pay facility, you authorise each payment to be made. Every time a Bill is received by 'MoneyClick Bills', a mail is sent, so that you log in and review the Bill in the Bill Inbox and specify the bill amount and date while issuing the payment instruction. However such Payment Instruction should be given atleast 2 Working days prior to the Due date.

With the Auto Pay option, you can authorise the Bank to make payments without requiring your approval each time. You can set up an amount limit, up to which the system will automatically pay the bill, like a standing instruction. If the bill amount exceeds the set limit, you'll be intimated for authorization/payment.

Archiving of bills

'MoneyClick Bills' Service archives all your bills online for the last 6 months. Our Archives section allows you to generate customized reports of all bills and payments made (as per date, biller, and source of payment) over the last 6 months.

51) How do I create the list of bills that I want to pay for?

Once you are registered with 'MoneyClick Bills', you need to create a list of your Billers/ Payees to start making online payments from the list available under the menu. You have the flexibility to update/amend this list as & when required.

To create the list, please follow the process below: -  

a) Login to 'MoneyClick Bills' Service.

b) Click on the 'Add Biller/Payee' link under the Billers/Payee section

c) Select the city, and click on the Biller/Payee that you wish to add to your list  

At this stage, you will be asked to give certain details of your Service Provider e.g. For MTNL, you will be asked to give the telephone number and the CA number.


52) Can I pay bills from any of my accounts with the bank?

You can access any of your Account registered under MoneyClick to make your payments. You need to specify the account number while setting up your payment instruction online.

53) Do I continue to get bills in physical form?

Depending on terms of your Biller, you may continue to get bills in physical form.

54) How do I know that a particular bill has been paid?

After your account is successfully debited and the payment made to the Biller, 'MoneyClick Bills' service will send you an e-mail, which will confirm the bill payment. The payment details are also available for archiving at a future date.

55) How can I prove that I have made the payment?

Once the payment is made by debiting your designated account, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from MoneyClick regarding the transaction. As the payment is being made by directly debiting your account, the transactions are reflected in your Bank statement.

56) What if a particular bill is not paid by me through this service?

In case you wish to make your payments through cheque or by any other mode, you have the option to delete the bill from the ‘MoneyClick Bills’ system. If the bill is not deleted, you will get e-mail reminders on the bill. In case of Autopay, you have to delete the scheduled payment instruction, lest the system will automatically pay the bill if it is otherwise in order.

57) Does the service store my Bill and payment details for future reference?

'MoneyClick Bills' in addition to providing archiving facility also provides an option to generate customized reports for certain payments made by you. The Bill Payment service provides archiving facility for the bills paid by you during the last 6 months through this service.

58) What if a basic dispute arises with the Biller? 

A wrong credit given to the Biller is a remote possibility as the payments are made only after your authorization. In case of dispute you may contact our Customer Care Center, which will resolve the issue within a reasonable time.



KBL - CARE Alerts:

59) What is KBL Alert or SMS Alert? 

KBL Alerts/SMS Alerts:

In addition to the above Services, you can subscribe for SMS Alerts for any specified events like Large Amount Debits/Credits, Preferred High/Low Limit of Balance in the Account, Stop Payment of Cheque etc. These Alerts can be Real Time or specific to a time. All you have to do is              

a) You should Login to MoneyClick and choose the option “Subscribe Alerts”   

b) You will get the list of various alerts and you can select your preferred Alerts from the list including Frequency of such Alerts.   

c) You have to select the alerts and click on submit at the end of the list. 

d) In addition to SMS Alerts, you can subscribe for Alerts through MoneyClick mail or personal e-mail.  

The special feature of mobile banking is that our customers have the facility of locating a branch or ATM just by typing KATM followed by the PINCODE (postal) of the area and sends the message to 9880654321. With in seconds, customer will get SMS with address of the nearest ATM. Also, our customer/general public can query on deposit interest rate by sending message KINT to the above number to get interest rates for various periods.


60) What is statement on Net? 

Statement on Net allows the Customer to see his Banking account Statement as it appears in physical form.  To view his statement, he should click on “My Account Summary” on the top band after he has logged into MoneyClick. Under this he will see a link “View Account”.  The Customer can view his Statement of Account for the last 10 transactions under the option “Mini Statement” and up to his last 300 Transactions under “Detailed Statement”.  The Customer can save the detailed Statement in his Computer as a Plain Text or in Excel Format. Mini Statement can be also viewed under the option ‘Quick View’ or just by clicking on the account number.


Railway Ticket Booking - IRCTC Payment Gateway:

61) What is Payment Gateway?

Many websites facilitate online booking of Air tickets, purchase of Movie tickets, shopping etc., wherein after your purchase, for paying the bill you have options like credit card, debit card, internet banking a/c etc., as mode of payment. This payment option is called “payment gateway”. In IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd.) website, Karnataka Bank’s Internet banking facility MoneyClickTM is one of the payment gateway for making payments to Railway Tickets booked online.


62) How to book Tickets through IRCTC? 

To book railway tickets online, you have to get connected to the IRCTC web site either by directly logging on to www.irctc.co.in or through a link that is made available on our web page www.karnatakabank.com when connected through net. First time when you log in to the IRCTC site, you have to register yourself with a User Name and a Password of your choice. The same User Name and Password should be used for your future login and booking of tickets. Once registered, you can book tickets as per your requirement by selecting the relevant options.


63) What types of Tickets can I book through NET? 

In IRCTC, you will be able to book tickets in two ways.

a.         I-ticket: An i-ticket refers to the normal Internet ticket, couriered by IRCTC to the address given by you and that you will receive the same within 2-3 days of booking.  For i-ticket you have to book the ticket at least three days prior to the date of journey to ensure timely delivery by courier. I-ticket can be booked under Confirmed/RAC/Waitlisted status. 

b.        E-ticket:  An e-ticket can be booked up to the time of the preparation of chart      for your train. This will require entering the identity particulars of one of the passengers, who will have to carry the same ID while travelling. An e-ticket can be booked only if the ticket status is Confirmed or RAC. On booking, you will get an electronic confirmation slip, which is to be carried alongwith the ID proof.


64) How to Effect the Payment to Indian Railways? 

 After booking the tickets, you have to go to payment option. In the payment menu there is a list of various payment gateways as already mentioned and when you select MoneyClickTM, you will be taken to the MoneyClickTM login page. After logging in to MoneyClickTM, you can select your account to be debited and the transaction will take place as in the case of a normal fund transfer. Here it is recommended that you shall go thro’ the Terms & Conditions governing the usage of this payment gateway.


65) What are the charges to be paid for this ONLINE BOOKING & ONLINE PAYMENT?

Your family bank offers this special service at no extra cost, at present. The system will debit the amount, inclusive of the IRCTC / courier charges, as mentioned on the IRCTC screen, for the tickets you have booked. Online debit of your account and credit to the IRCTC account will take place instantaneously. You will get a confirmation of the payment made, along with a reference number, which is to be retained by you for any further enquiry.


66) How to get the Physical Tickets?

In case of I-ticket, you will receive the tickets directly from IRCTC through courier at the address mentioned by you in the IRCTC site, within 2 or 3 working days. In case of e-tickets, there is no physical ticket, but you have to carry confirmation slip alongwith ID proof as stated above.


67) How to Cancel the i-ticket and get Refund?

Cancellation of I-Tickets can be done at any computerized reservation counter across the country and a cancellation ticket obtained. NO CASH REFUND will be given. Service Charge is not refundable. Refund of fare shall be made after deduction of cancellation charge. The refund amount will be credited to the respective account electronically through MoneyClickTM route. I-tickets can be cancelled even after the departure of the train, but subject to terms & conditions of IRCTC.


68) How to Cancel the e-ticket and get Refund?

E-tickets (Reservations) can be cancelled only through Internet till Chart preparation of the train and cancellation is not allowed at the Railway Counters. If you wish to cancel your E-ticket, you can do so till the time of chart preparation for the train (which is normally 4 to 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the train originating station. (For trains starting up to 12 noon the chart preparation is usually done on the previous night). You can log on to www.irctc.co.in and go to Booked Tickets link and select the ticket to be fully or partly cancelled and can initiate the cancellation by selecting the passengers to be cancelled. However if the Identity Card holder in the original ticket is selected for cancellation, all the passengers in the ticket would be cancelled and a fresh reservation will have to be made, duly including the ID particulars of another passenger. Cancellation would be confirmed online and the refund would be credited back to the account used for booking as for normal Internet tickets. If there is any partial cancellation of ticket please ensure that the modified ticket (Electronic Reservation Slip) is printed separately. Modification on e-Tickets such as change of boarding point, change of Name is not permitted.


69) While booking, the amount is debited but ticket not booked. What should I do?

If for some reason, you could not see the ticket confirmation page, please check your "Booked Tickets" list on the IRCTC site, wherein the details of all the successfully booked tickets would be available. If you do not see the desired transaction on this list, it means that the ticket has not been booked. The amount debited would be credited back to you by IRCTC in full without levying any charges. You may retry the transaction for booking your ticket.


70) What should I do if I don’t see the confirmation of my booking on my screen?

On pressing the "Buy" button on the ticket reservation page, the payment is processed and the booking is done and the confirmation of your booking is displayed on your screen. If for any reason, the reservation details are not displayed on your monitor, please check the details in Menu "BOOKED TICKETS" under "Booking History" in Home Page of IRCTC site. You may also check your e-mail for the details of your booking or call IRCTC help line available on IRCTC site.                                       


71) A. What if I have more questions about MoneyClick?

      B. How can I contact the helpdesk of MoneyClick? 

You can mail us at or call our Karnataka Bank Customer Care Centre at 1800 425 1444 (from BSNL/MTNL Landlines only). The centre works for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.