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Frequently Asked Questions about the Gift Card

  • What is a Gift card?
  • Karnataka Bank Gift card is stored value card that can be purchased in INR amounts ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs.10000/-. It is an elegant way of gifting to your near and dear ones who in turn can use this card at merchant outlets or online to purchase items of their choice. It allows freedom of choice to the receiver. It can be used for any occasion including Marriage, Birthday, Diwali, Holi, New Year, etc. They can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Who can purchase a Gift card?
  • Gift card is a unique card that can be issued to anybody across the counter after satisfying KYC norms.Cards are issued at a nominal fee of Rs.50/- plus applicable tax. Please remember to sign on the back of your card immediately on receipt of the card.
  • What is the validity of a Gift card?
  • Karnataka Bank Gift card's validity is printed on the card. Please check the "valid thru date". Cardholder/ purchaser shall be responsible to ensure full utilization of the Gift card before expiry.
  • Who can use the Card?
  • The card can be used by the Cardholder or the Beneficiary.
  • What can the Gift card is used for?
  • Gift cards can be used at any merchant location or internet for shopping.
  • Can I use a Gift card at more than one merchant?
  • Yes. As long as there is balance in your Gift card, your card may be used at any Visa enabled merchant who accepts Visa debit cards up to the limit available.
  • What happens if I lose my Gift card?
  • Call the Karnataka Bank branch where you purchased your Card or Customer Care centre at 1800 425 1444 or 080-22021500. If a Gift card is lost, Customer Service will close the account and you may visit our nearest branch purchasing a new Gift card with the remaining balance of the lost card. There is a fee of Rs.50/- + applicable service tax for this service. Gift card should be safeguarded like cash and should not be left unattended anywhere.
  • Who do I contact with questions about my Gift card?
  • For prepaid card information, call Customer Service at 1800 425 1444 or visit the nearest branch or go through the Gift card section of our Web site.
  • What if my purchase exceeds the value on my Gift card?
  • To make a purchase that is more than the available balance on your Gift card, you may use another payment method to share the expense of your purchase. This is called a split transaction. Simply use your Gift card to pay for a portion of the purchase amount and a second payment method - cheque, cash, or credit/debit card - for the remainder. Please note that split transactions are subject to individual merchant policies. When making your purchase, remember to tell the merchant the balance on your prepaid card. (You can easily verify this via the Web site, http://giftcard.karnatakabank.com, or Customer Service at 1800 425 1444 or the Karnataka Bank branch where you purchased your Card. The merchant will not be able to provide you this information. If you attempt to make a transaction for more than the balance on your Gift card, the transaction will be declined.
  • What should I do if my Gift card is declined?
  • If you experience any problems using your Gift card, please contact 1800 425 1444 or the Karnataka Bank branch where you purchased your Card or Customer Care Centre.
  • Can I purchase a Gift card online?
  • No. Gift cards are only available for purchase at selected Karnataka Bank branches.
  • How can I check my available balance?
  • Your available balance can be verified by going to the web site http://www.karnatakabank.com-->Cards -->Gift Card or by calling Customer Service at 1800 425 1444 or the Karnataka Bank branch where you purchased your Card or Customer Care Centre.
  • What happens if I have a remaining balance when my Gift card expires?
  • Cards are valid till the last day of the month mentioned in the card. A new Gift card will be issued to the purchaser on request with the remaining balance of the old card at any of our designated branches by paying the prescribed fee of Rs.50/- plus service tax, provided the remaining balance is Rs.100/- or more. This redemption is possible within 3 months from the date of expiry of the card,else the balance available lapses to the Bank.
  • How long can I use my card?
  • Your Gift card is valid till the last day of the month embossed on the card.
  • Any Charges for issuance/lost card/PIN regeneration?
  • Sl. No.




    Card Issuance fee

    Rs.50 + Service Tax


    Lost card replacement/Cancellation fee

    Rs.50 + Service Tax


    PIN regeneration charges

    Rs.50 + Service Tax