Online Fund Remittances



Online Fund Remittances

Karnataka Bank, your perfect banking partner, now offers NRIs a state-of-the-art remittance service. In association with Remit2India, the leading service provider offering online remittances to India,NRI's across the globe can now:

  • Send money online from 23 countries into India.
  • Use a secure, state-of-the-art technology platform to send money anytime using the Internet.
  • Have the comfort of using a service offered by two trusted brands - Karnataka Bank & Times of Money.
  • Great deals on exchange rates.

Procedure To Transfer Money From Abroad:

NRIs who wish to make remittances from abroad using KBL- Remit2India online money transfer facility have to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Customer who visits online portal for transferring funds from abroad has to register by providing his/her personal information. (one time process) View Online Portal
  • Customer adds his/her beneficiary i.e. provides beneficiary personal and bank account information.
  • For remitting funds from USA, customer can add his/her source bank accounts i.e. provide remitters bank account details in USA. Non-USA customer has to transfer funds from his/her bank account to Karnataka Banks Nostro account designated for this service.
  • Customer has to visit online portal for transfer and login using his/her registered userid and password. View Online Portal
  • Customer provides details like purpose of remittance, beneficiary, amount of transaction etc and then clicks on submit button and book an instruction on the online portal for making remittance to the desired beneficiary.
  • Transaction receipt (Reference Transaction Number or RTRN) gets generated and mail is sent to the users registered e-mail ID.
  • Customer can check the exact status of the transfer by simply clicking on the Online Tracker and by providing the RTRN.
  • View More Transaction Process Information