KBL Mobile Plus - Card less Cash Withdrawal

Card less Cash Withdrawal service is a simple and safe mode of cash withdrawal available 24x7 across India.

All you need is to login to Karnataka Bank’s Mobile banking application and initiate a Card less Cash withdrawal transaction request by entering the mobile number, for yourself or for your friends/relatives. The recipient need not have any bank account and can withdraw cash 24*7 from KBL ATMs across India, without any ATM card, using the details received through an SMS.

  • Safe and secure mode of cash withdrawal.
  • Authentication checks through OTPs.
  • Transaction is valid for 24 hours after request is made.
  • Probable skimming attempts that arise with the use of physical cards may get mitigated with the usage of card less cash withdrawal facility.
  • 24X7 service to withdraw cash, from KBL ATMs anywhere in India.
  • The recipient need not hold a bank account
  • Obtain the cash instantly without any ATM card.

Step: 1 (Request generation through KBL MobilePlus Application):

  • Login to KBL MobilePlus Application.
  • Click the option ‘Card less cash withdrawal facility’ under ‘More’ option.
  • Generate the reference number by entering the mobile number of yours or beneficiaries. In both the cases reference number is sent to your registered mobile number.
  • In case the request generated is for beneficiary, share the reference number and amount details with beneficiary.

Step:2 (Withdrawing the cash using Reference number through ATM/Recycler)

  • Go to KBL ATM/Recycler and choose ‘Cardless Cash withdrawal’ in welcome screen.
  • Enter Reference number. Then ATM prompts to enter the transaction amount initiated in mobile banking.
  • OTP will be received to the registered mobile number of the customer if the request is for self or to the beneficiaries mobile number if the request is for beneficiary. Enter the OTP received on the screen.
  • Transaction will be affected to the customer’s account after successful completion of the above cycle.


  • Minimum amount of Cash withdrawal - ₹100/- and in multiples of ₹100/-.
  • Maximum amount of cash withdrawal - ₹20,000/- per transaction/account/day.

Beneficiary Withdrawal:

  • Minimum amount of Cash withdrawal - ₹100/- and in multiples of ₹100/-.
  • Maximum amount of Cash withdrawal - ₹10,000/- per transaction and overall monthly cap of - ₹25,000/- per Beneficiary.