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Remittance of funds from abroad

SWIFT  Wire Transfer

SWIFT, Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is one of the secured and easiest modes of remitting money in foreign currency to your business needs, family and friends in India. Karnataka Bank has correspondent banking relationship with 7 overseas banks and dealing in 11 freely convertible major foreign currencies as of now. To make remittances through our correspondent banks, kindly provide the following to your bank in the specified format for speedy and smooth transfer of funds.

Example:- The instructions to be given to your local bank abroad is " Please credit USD(Amount)_____ to the USD account number 8033166096 of Karnataka Bank Ltd,(Swift - KARBINBB) held with Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA (Swift- IRVTUS3N) for further credit to (details of your account with us) Account Number _______ of Mr./Mrs._____________ with Karnataka Bank Ltd, __________________ branch"

Nostro Accounts


Karnataka Bank in association with Western Union facilitating NRIs across the globe to remit funds to the beneficiaries in India. Beneficiary no need to have account with Karnataka Bank.

How to avail? :

  • Remitter walk-in to any Western Union outlet/service provider abroad and deposit the local currency
  • Acknowledgment receipt is given to remitter along with unique Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Remitter informs Beneficiary the details of remittance and unique PIN.
  • Beneficiary visits any of the Karnataka bank branches and submits PIN along with KYC.
  • Beneficiary Receives cash.

It operates within purview of RBI guidelines:

  • Only personal remittances are permissible.
  • Only 30 transactions per beneficiary are permitted in a calendar year.
  • Per Transaction limit is up to USD 2500.
  • Instant payment of foreign inward remittance in cash is restricted to Rs. 50000/- per transaction per beneficiary.


  • 500,000 Agent locations in over 200 countries
  • Convenient and efficient money transfer option
  • Send money world wide in minutes
  • Secure and state-of-the-art technology platform
  • Pay out usually in local currency
With in India

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a nation-wide payment system facilitating one-to-one funds transfer. It is known for quick and fast way of transferring funds from one particular bank to any other bank in the country participating in the scheme. Karnataka Bank provides NEFT services to make fund transfer easy, secure and convenient.

Timings: 24X7

Through Branch: During business hours

Through KBL Internet Banking: 24X7  



Real time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is the funds transfer system where money transfer takes place from one bank to another on a real time basis unlike NEFT where the transaction happens in bulk at a given point of time during the day. Karnataka Bank provides RTGS services, fastest possible money transfer system through the banking channel in India. RTGS system is meant for large value transactions. The minimum amount needs to be remitted is 2 lakhs. No upper ceiling.

Timings: 24X7

Through Branch: During business hours

Through KBL Internet Banking: RTGS facility is available 24X7 w.e.f. 14-12-2020.