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Banking e-Lobby may be defined as “Bank branch without Bankers” and also this may be seen as “Next Generation Bank Branches” by delivering automated banking Products & Services without manual intervention. In this pursuit, Bank is installing e-Lobbies [SAPB, ATM, CDM & Cash Recyclers]

Cash Recyclers

A Cash Recycler is a machine that handles a couple of simple, but important tasks—accepting and dispensing cash. Cash recycling enables an ATM to accept, validate, sort and store banknotes quickly and reliably. These banknotes can then be made available to customers who wish to take out cash.

Semi-Automatic Passbook (SAPB) Printing Machine:

Pass Book Printing Kiosk is a new technological self-servicing solution which can be placed at a convenient place so that customers can get their passbook updated at their convenience on their own.

Cheque Deposit Machine (CDM):

Cheque Deposit machine is a unique automated machine that accepts cheques and issues the depositor a scanned copy of the same with the date and time as an acknowledgement. This machine eliminates the dependence on human resources and speeds up the entire process, thus reduces time and effort spent on such transactions and also eases the collection process.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM):

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a machine that dispenses cash when a Debit card is inserted by the customer inside the card slot. Apart from the above, the customer can enquire his account balance, can get the print out of last 5 transactions(mini statement), can change his PIN number, etc.

Now customer can seed their aadhar number through our ATM’s