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KBL Travel Card aims to make travelling abroad a truly memorable experience. An off the shelf product available at your nearest nominated Branch.The KBL Travel Card is a secure, convenient and hassle free way to carry money and make payments while on tour abroad.

With KBL Travel Card one can attend to business, enjoy the delightful tourist spots, dine out, and take in the breath-taking landscape and exotic culture of any country.

The KBL Travel Card gives 24-hour access to your money. Withdraw funds in the local currency from any Visa or Visa Plus ATM's as well as pay for all your purchases in any country you visit, anywhere in the world. To get your KBL Travel Card, please drop in at your nearest nominated branch.

Please note that the usage of this Card is strictly subject to regulations stipulated by the Reserve Bank of India and the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 from time to time.

Experience the KBL Travel Card privileges!


  • KBL Travel Card on VISA network is available in the option of 9 currencies to choose from, namely US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollars,Swedish Kroner and Japanese Yen. Enjoy the convenience of wide network of more than 1 million VISA ATM's and 27 million merchant establishments, with unmatched features as under;

Convenient,Secure and Worldwide Acceptance

  • No more hassles of finding Money Changers and encashing Travelers Cheques. Customers can also shop at over 27 million merchants, who accept VISA Flag, throughout the world.

Online Access

  • Online access to card details, including statements and balance, is available.

Internet Transactions

  • The KBL Travel Card can be used to transact over the Internet.


  • A secure 4 digit PIN helps to secure all your cash withdrawal transactions. If the card is lost or misplaced, all one need to do is call on the 24-Hour Customer Service Number provided by Axis Bank i.e 91-22-67987700, the card will be immediately blocked and a replacement card will be sent upon request. The Bank powered by Axis Bank has also set up an email helpdesk (travel [dot] currencyataxisbank [dot] com) dedicated to provide information on this service.

Global Assistance and Insurance Coverage

  • As a cardholder one can also access Visa's Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS), which can be used to report a lost or stolen card, get emergency cash assistance or emergency card replacement and make inquiries, but all these services are with applicable charges.
  • One also get insurance coverage equivalent of upto Rs 2,00,000 for Loss of Card from the time loss is reported to Axis Bank 24 Hour Customer Service number. Please note that it is mandatory to lodge a Police Complaint/FIR for making a claim in the event of loss and misuse of the card.

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Important Information

Basic Travel Quota/Leisure Travel $10,000 per card per calendar year. (on self-declaration basis irrespective of the number of visits undertaken during the year)
Business travel trip $25,000.00 (on submission of copy of letter nominating a person for Business trip including international conference, seminar, specialized trainig, study tour, apprentice trainging etc. are treated as business visits)
Medical treatment/checkup $1,00,000.00 (for medical treatment abroad on self-declaration basis)
Educational purpose $1,00,000.00 A student holding NRO account may withdraw and repatriate upto USD 1 Million per financial year from his NRO account
Employment $1,00,000.00 (on the basis of self-declaration.)

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