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IVR Facilities

Bank has introduced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to meet various customer needs.

The IVR system has two modules, namely 1. Self-service 2. Service by Phone Banking Officer (PBO). Under the self service option the customer can perform his/her transaction/enquiry on his own without any intervention. For the functions which cannot be performed through self service, the customer can interact with the PBO to get the issues resolved.

Following are the self service facilities available in the present IVR system:

Self Services Menu Options in the IVR after Selection of Language by the Customers
Operation IVR Option Customer Input Requirement
1 Debit Card Blocking
Debit Card Blocking 1-1 Debit Card Number & PIN
1-2 Account Number & Debit Card,PIN
1-3 Account Number & TPIN
Note:Customer may also block the debit card by sending SMS BLOCK to 9880654321 from his/her registered mobile number where XXXX are the last 4-digits of the debit card.
2 Debit Card Related Services
PIN,Generation,(Both,steps are,required),(From,Registered Number Only) 2-1-1-1 OTP Generation Process-
Account No., DOB(DDMMYYYY), Debit Card No., Expiry Date(MMYY)
2-1-1-2 Debit Card No., OTP, New PIN, Confirm PIN.
International Txn On-Off 2-2-1 Debit Card No. and PIN
2-2-1-1 SWITCH,ON
2-2-1-2 SWITCH OFF
Debit Card Txn On-Off 2-3 Debit Card No. and PIN
2-3-1-1 Transaction ON
2-3-1-2 Transaction OFF
Debit Card Limit Change ( Within the default limit
of the Card)
2-4-1 Debit Card No. and PIN
2-4-1-1 Desired ATM Limit
2-4-1-2 Desired POS/ECOM Limit
Debit Card Status 2-5 Debit Card Number
Debit Card Txn Complaints 2-6 Call will be transfer to Phone Banking Officer
Debit Card Txn Complaint Status 2-7 Complaint Number
3 Account Information
  3-1 Debit Card No. & PIN On Authentication
Balance Will be Played
3-2 Account,No. & TPIN
Balance 3-1-1/
Current Balance will be played to the Customer
For Balance Enquiry, Customer may also dial 1800-425-1445 from his/her registered mobile number
Last 5 Transactions 3-1-2/3-2-2 Last 5 Transactions will be played to customer
For Mini Statement, Customer may also dial 1800-425-1446 from his/her registered mobile number
Account Statement 3-1-3-1
Today’s Statement By E-Mail or POST option
to be selected
Statement for Period
Customer may also view the Account info using MPassBook App available in Android or iOS
Cheque Enquiry 3-1-4-1,or,3-2-4-1 Cheque Number
Cheque Stop Payment 3-1-4-2,or,3-2-4-2 Cheque Number
Cheque Book Request 3-1-4-3,or,3-2-4-3 Request will be taken and mail will be sent to the branch
4 Internet Banking
Existing Customer 4-1  
Request for Offline Password 4-1-1 Debit Card & PIN or Account Number & TPIN, Customer ID
Mobile Number
Blocking of ID 4-1-2 Debit Card & PIN or Account Number & TPIN, Customer ID,
Mobile Number
User ID Status 4-1-3 Debit Card & PIN or Account Number & TPIN, Customer ID, Mobile Number
6 TPIN/Phone Banking PIN Generation
TPIN Generation 6-1 Account Number & 4-Digit TPIN of Customer’s Choice
8 I-Hundi(Donate to Temples)
Step-1 OTP Generation 8-1 Debit Card No. & TPIN or Account No. & TPIN
Step-2 Donate after OTP Generation 8-2 16-Digit Account Number from which Amount to be debited