KBL Mobile Plus - NRI

Karnataka Bank, in its constant endeavour to meet the customer requirements has introduced the revamped mobile banking app named as “KBL Mobile Plus”.

  • Savings Bank Account in his/her individual capacity and in case of joint accounts operated by either or survivor or anyone or survivor.
  • Current Accounts in the name of individual and proprietary concern.
  • Ineligible accounts are not allowed to register for this service.

Considering all the features and the risk factors involved in mobile banking services, the transaction limit per day, per customer is fixed at the following levels:

Mode Maximum daily cap (both fund transfer & transactions involving purchase of goods / services)
GPRS/Android App mobile banking (encrypted end to end) ₹5,00,000/-

For queries w.r.t. KBL Mobile Plus App write to us at or toll free number 18004251444

KBL Mobile Plus FAQs

Yes. The following customers can avail mobile banking services –Savings Individual accounts, Current account Individual, proprietorship, ODAD(ODAD Schemes only) with following mode of operations Self, Either or Survivor, Anyone, Proprietor.

You can use following channels to register for mobile banking

  • Download and install KBL Mobile Plus app from play store and proceed for Self –Registration in mobile banking app using debit card credentials.
  • Branch Registration-Submit duly filled in registration form for mobile banking at branch.
  • You can download Karnataka Bank Mobile Banking applications via respective application stores depending on your handset type (Android/iOS).
  • Always download our app from Play Store or App Store only. Do not download the apps from unknown sources/web sites, doing so may lead to financial losses.


KBL Mobile Plus is supported in almost all the Android devices with OS version above 4.4.4 and iOS devices above 10.
This error occurs when the Mobile Number from which you are trying to register is not updated in the bank’s record. Please update your mobile number in the account at the Base Branch.
As a security measure mobile banking registration is allowed only if the Mobile number is linked to a single Customer ID in the bank records.
Mobile Banking PIN is a 4 digits pin created during Customer Registration process to KBL MobilePlus App.

If you are having an active Debit Card:-

  • Click on Forgot MPIN Link in Pre-Login page and follow the process on screen to reset your MPIN.

If you are not having an active Debit Card:-

  • You have to visit your base branch and submit the request for resetting of MPIN. Branch will process the request and MPIN will be delivered to your registered mobile number through SMS.

This is due to one or more of the below reasons

  • Your account is in dormant status
  • You are minor
  • Your account status is frozen
  • Your account is Savings Kishore

You may contact your base branch for further assistance.

In quick transfer mode, customer can transfer funds up to Rs. 50,000/ per day without adding the beneficiary.
Absolutely. Through IMPS, funds can be transferred instantly.
Yes. Charges are applicable. For more information, you can visit https://karnatakabank.com
You can get MMID under MMID view/Delete option in Services.
For having ease in transacting you can name any beneficiary with nickname. The nickname can be alphanumeric and special characters can also be used to the extent of 6 characters.
You have to update your new registered mobile number at your base branch and proceed for mobile banking registration as mentioned in point no 2.
OTP sent to registered mobile number will be either auto read by app or have to manually enter before expiry time. If you have not received OTP, please click on back button and press resend OTP .If OTP still not received, please clear all old messages from the sender, restart your mobile device and ensure good network coverage.
Please grant device specific permission which otherwise prevent third-party apps to auto-read OTP.
Yes. NRI customers can avail Mobile Banking facility and do the transactions as per the terms and conditions.
Yes. (Available for resident customers only).
No. FCNR Deposit facility is not extended in KBL MobilePlus App.
Yes. (Available for resident customers only).

Please contact us on the below numbers for assistance, available 24x7

  • 1800-572-8032(Toll Free)
  • 1800-425-1444(Toll Free)
  • 080 -22021500 (Paid)

Or you can also email us at ccc[at]ktkbank[dot]com

You can raise ticket for your failed transaction in KBL Mobile Plus through Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) option and also track the status of your complaint.
You have to visit your base branch and submit the written request letter by detailing the Correct & Wrong Account Numbers. Bank will lodge complaint with the beneficiary bank for recovery of funds. If the fund is returned by the beneficiary bank then same will be credited back to your account.
Once the user adds the biller details in the add biller , user may pay the bills from next bill cycle .Bill can be viewed once the biller shares the bill details with Bank.

Yes. KBL Mobile Plus App is safe and secure for your payment needs.

Please also ensure the below points for your safe and secured transactions:

  • Do not share any confidential information like, UPI PIN, MPIN,OTP, ATM card number, CVV and credit card details with anyone including Karnataka Bank Officials.
  • Please do not forward any SMS received from Karnataka Bank to an unknown person and beware of unverified application that can be used by anyone to remotely access your device.
  • Always use switch ON/OFF or set the limit functionality when required.

Account Security & Reporting Fraudulent Activity:

  • Call the customer care and Block your Digital Channel Services immediately. You can also block card or Digital Channel services through your Mobile App.
  • Submit the complaint letter along with the transaction details at your branch and lodge the complaint.
  • Bank will contact you for further enquiries.