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Home Loan

apna ghar

KBL Xpress Home Loan

Digital processing and Instant In-principle Sanction.

Eligibility Criteria for Home Loan:

  • Individuals who are resident of India.
  • NRIs holding an Indian passport.
  • Minimum age Limit: 18 years
  • Income:

    Resident Indian:
    • Salaried Persons: Minimum net monthly income ₹10,000/-
    • Agriculturist: Minimum Annual net income ₹1,20,000/-
    • Business Men/Professionals/Self Employed: Minimum Annual net income ₹1,20,000/-
    • Salaried Person: Minimum gross monthly salary ₹40,000/-
    • Business Men/Professionals/Self Employed: Minimum Annual gross income of ₹4,80,000/- (NRI applications processed manually)

Purpose of Home Loan:

  • Construction / purchase of house / flat.
  • Renovation / remodelling / repair to existing house / flat.

Amount of Home Finance:

  • Salaried Person: 60 times of latest net monthly income.
  • Businessmen/Professionals/Self Employed: 5 times of net monthly income/Profit plus depreciation provided, if any, of the last 2 years as per P&L a/c in case of traders/Self-employed/Professional.
  • Agriculturist: 5 times of annual net income.

Maximum Amount for Home Loan:

  • Purchase/Construction: up to ₹500 lakh.
  • Renovation/Remodelling/Extension/Repair: Up to ₹30 lakh.

Period of Home Loan:

  • Construction: Maximum up to 30 years.
  • Renovation/Repair: 7 years.

Security for Apna Ghar Loan:

  • Mortgage of house property to be constructed / purchased / repaired / remodeled/renovated.
  • Guarantee of the spouse wherever feasible in the absence of which third party solvent guarantor.


  • General: In equal / equated monthly installments (EMIs).
  • Agriculturist: Yearly basis including yearly interest.

Margin for Apna Ghar Loan:

  • New construction: 10-25 %
  • Houses/ Flat above 10 years: 30 %

Rate of Interest for Home Loan:

The above information is subject to terms and conditions.For more details, please contact the nearest Branch