Fixed Deposit




Fixed Deposit

This is ideal for those who desire to have periodical income by way of interest on their funds.

  • Minimum -₹100.
  • Maximum -No Limit.
  • Minimum 7 days.
  • Maximum 120 months.
  • Deposit Receipts for fresh/renewal of Term Deposits will be generally issued on the same day.

Loan Facility:

  • Available as per the prescribed rules of the Bank.

Nomination Facility:

  • Available.
  • Available as per the prescribed rules of the Bank. (Refer other terms &conditions).

Periodicity for payment of interest:

  • Interest at Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly rests as per customer request.
  • Monthly interest is at a discounted rate. For monthly interest, minimum deposit is Rs.5,000 and minimum period of one year. No discounting of interest for Senior citizens (age 60 years and above ).
  • For Senior citizens (who have completed 60 years), monthly interest is presently paid without discount.

Mode of payment of interest:

  • At the option of the depositor the amount of interest will be credited to the depositor's account maintained either in any of our branches or at any branch of other bank through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), ‘free of cost’.