Doorstep Banking



Doorstep Banking Services to Senior Citizens and Differently Abled Persons

Karnataka Bank’s Doorstep Banking Services are available to :

Savings bank Account holders who are Senior Citizens of more than 70 years of age or differently abled or infirm persons (having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired.

  • Resident Individual customers (type of customer – as above) having Savings Bank Accounts.
  • Fully KYC compliant accounts.
  • Valid Mobile number should mandatorily be registered with the account.
  • Valid email ID should be registered with the account.
  • Joint account holders with Operation Severally, E or S, F or S, only, where in the Applicant is the first name holder.
  • Registered for SMS facility in CBS.
  • The services are not available to:
  • Minor account under Guardianship.
  • Savings Bank Account opened for Motor Accident Claims etc.
  • Joint Account operated jointly.
  • Account operated through Power of Attorney/Mandate.
  • Accounts of Non-Individual Customers.
  • Account of illiterate Customers.
  • Pick up of cash and instruments.
  • Delivery of cash against withdrawal from own account
  • Delivery of demand drafts
    *The Bank may add or Amend services from time to time
    The above services are available at select Branches.
  • The service request can be made to the base branch of the customer between 10 AM to 4 PM on working days.
  • The services will be available to customers having registered address within a radius of 5 KM from the base branch.
    Click here to know the Branches offering these services.
  • By Doorstep banking Agent outsourced by the Bank.
  • Service will be provided on the subsequent working day of the receipt of request. The service delivery through Doorstep Banking Agent would be completed expeditiously on best effort basis, but not later than the next working day of the request (Holidays excluded).
  • Bank will be carrying out a One-Time registration process for each customer who have requested for providing the Doorstep Banking Service. For details about the DSB Services, please contact your Base Branch.
  • Application Form for DoorStep Banking [DSB] Services through DoorStep Banking agent. Click here
  • Declaration and Undertaking Cum Self Certification. Click here

Transaction Limits:

  • Maximum and minimum transaction amount per day are defined and at present the following limits are proposed
  Cash Pick up (Deposit) Cash Delivery (Withdrawal) Non-Cash and Non-financial transactions
Per Transaction limit (Maximum) 20,000/- 20,000/- No Amount limit
Per Transaction limit (Minimum) 1,000/- 1,000/- No Amount limit
Request per Day* 1 (One Request call per day)*
  • In a single day, only once, the customer can request for DSB service and in the same request customer can include both financial and non-financial transactions. However, both Cash Deposit and Cash withdrawal from the same account is not permitted on the same day.
  • Deposit /Withdrawals can be made in multiples of Rs 100/- only.
  • The Bank may revise the Cash pick up / delivery limit at its sole discretion

Service Charges:

Transaction Type Service Charges
Cash Pickup (Deposit)/Cheque Pickup (collection) NIL
Cash Delivery (Withdrawal) NIL
Non-financial transactions (Along with any of the above transactions)* Free
Requests only for Non-financial transactions* NIL
  • No limit on number of non-financial transaction in a single request
  • Non-financial transactions include Delivery of already issued DD, collection of KYC document copies etc.