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Abhyudaya Cash Certificate (ACC)

Abhyudaya Cash Certificate

This is an ideal scheme for those who are in need of a lumpsum amount after a particular period and do not need periodical interest.

Under this scheme, quarterly interest accrued is ploughed back so that the deposit earns compound interest at quarterly intervals.

Deposit Amount:

  • Minimum ₹100 and in multiples of ₹100 thereafter.
  • Maximum -No Limit.


  • Minimum 6 months.
  • Maximum 120 months.


  • Deposit Receipts for fresh/renewal of Term Deposits will be generally issued on the same day.

Loan Facility

  • Available as per the prescribed rules of the Bank

Premature Payment

  • Available as per the prescribed rules of the Bank. (Refer other terms &conditions)

Nomination Facility:

  • Available

Rate of interest: