KBL ILSB (Insurance Linked SB) - open insurance savings account

A Premium SB Account with Accident/Hospitalisation Insurance Coverage at the bank's cost.

  • Both new and existing SB accounts are eligible for this facility subject to eligibility criteria of Savings Bank accounts.
  • Accident insurance coverage of ₹2 lakh at the bank’s cost in accordance with such insurance scheme as maybe in force from time to time.
  • Hospitalisation cover for reimbursement of hospitalization expenses arising out of accident only for a maximum of ₹10,000/- at the bank’s cost. The insurance cover will commence from 31st day of opening of the Account. In case of joint accounts, the first account holder is covered and not both holder.
  • Eligible for free Platinum International Debit Card.
  • Free cash deposit at BNA(by account holder or person authorized by account holder).
  • Free Mobile Apps – mPassBook, BHIM KBL UPI APP.
  • All other benefits, rules, charge etc., applicable to SB General are also applicable.
  • Earn up to 4.50% interest p.a. on your Savings Account balance Know more
  • ₹15,000 (Metro & Urban Branches)
  • ₹10,000 (Semi urban & Rural Branches)

For further details, please contact our nearest Branch