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Deposit Only Card



Karnataka Bank, in its constant endeavor to understand the customer requirements has come out with a novel card product ‘KBL-Deposit Only Card’, which enables hassle-free cash deposit transactions at Bank’s 24X7 e-Lobby services. This card is specially meant for Bank’s Current/Overdraft customers and by using this card they can perform card based cash deposit transactions with higher deposit limit at Bank’s Bunch Note Acceptor (BNA) / Cash Recycler kiosks.

    • “Deposit Only Cards” will be Instant Cards & issued across branch counter.
    • Existing Card based deposit limits are applicable to ‘Deposit Only Cards’ or revised limits from time to time by the Department.
    • Multiple accounts can be linked to one card. In case 3 accounts are linked to one card, the total limit for that card will be RS. 30 lakh and the per account deposit limit will be Rs. 10 lakh only.
    • If multiple cards are issued to a particular account, the consolidated limit will be Rs. 10 lakh only.
    • Validity of the card will be five years.
    • Issuance Charges - Rs. 150 plus GST.
    • Card Replacement / Reissuance / Renewal Charges - Rs. 150 plus GST
    • Annual Maintenance Fees – NIL
    • All Savings Bank/Current account/Overdraft account holders are eligible and there will be a default limit of ten numbers of ‘Deposit Only Cards’ issued to a particular account.
    • Existing Savings Bank /Current /Overdraft account Debit Card Holders are also eligible.
    • Cards will be issued to account holders only, not to their agents / employees.
    • Cards will be issued to only accounts having PAN registered.
    • Cards can be issued to accounts which are not eligible to debit card facility also.
    • Account Schemes with Financial Inclusion, Smart Card, EEFC.
    • Dormant accounts.
    • Accounts schemes under with Kishore [SBKSR]/ Tarun [SBTRN].
    • Minor Accounts
    • SB Small Accounts

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