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Personal Loan

Suvidha OD

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals who are resident of India.
  • Minimum age Limit: 21 years.
  • Income:
    • Salaried Persons : Minimum gross monthly salary ₹10,000/-
    • Retired Persons :  Disposable income from other than pension should be available.
    • Others : Minimum Annual gross income ₹1,20,000/-


  • For meeting personal needs.

Amount of Finance:

  • Two times of the average annual income of last two years / 24 times of the latest take home salary whichever is lower subjected to minimum of ₹1 lakhs and maximum loan of ₹25 lakh.

Period of Loan:

  • Maximum : 24 months


  • Mortgage of residential/commercial properties /liquid securities with a minimum value of 150% of applied loan limit.
  • Guarantee of the spouse wherever feasible in the absence of which third party solvent guarantor.


  • On demand, as per OD rules.


  • 33.33% on value of security

Rate of Interest:

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The above information is subject to terms and conditions.For more details, please contact the nearest Branch