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Property Loan (Property Lease Cash)


Eligibility Criteria for Property Lease Cash Loan:

  • Applicants should be bona fide owners of the leased property.
  • The lessees shall be a reputed and established entity

Purpose of Lease Cash:

  • For repair, renovation, investment.

Amount of property Lease Finance:

  • Up to 80% of the Net Rent Receivables OR net rent of residual lease period, whichever is less subjected to Maximum ₹500 Lakhs.

Period of Property Lease Cash Loan:

  • Maximum up to 84 months
<24 class="brand">Security for Property Lease Cash:
  • Mortgage of leased property or any other commercial/residential property.


  • Equal/Equated Monthly Installments out of rent receipts.


  • 20% on net rent receivables.

Rate of Interest for Property Lease Cash Loan:

The above information is subject to terms and conditions.For more details, please contact the nearest Branch