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SB Money Sapphire (Savings Bank Account)

Premium Money Sapphire

A Specially designed Savings Bank Account with a host of Free facilities.

Monthly Average Balance for SB Money Sapphire

  • Just maintain a Monthly Average Balance of ₹10,000/- and enjoy the freedom of Banking Across the country.

Features & Benefits of SB Money Sapphire

  • Any Branch Cash Deposit & Withdrawal (by account holder or person authorized by account holder supported by cheque)
  • Funds transfer within the Bank
  • Interbank fund transfer through IMPS (IB/MB)/ NEFT/RTGS from any branch by account holder (supported by cheque)
  • Cheque collection facility is available with Enhanced Free Limits
  • Eligible for free Platinum International Debit Card
  • Internet/Mobile Banking facility
  • Free Demand Drafts of ₹50,000/- can be purchased at Any Branch (supported by cheque)
  • Free Mobile Apps – mPassBook, ApnaApp, BHIM KBL UPI APP
  • Free cash deposit at BNA (by account holder or person authorized by account holder)
  • Free monthly e-statements
  • Fast collection of cheques – Cheques can be deposited at any branch

SB Money Sapphire Fees & Charges

For further details, please contact our nearest Branch