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KBL Mobile Plus

kbl mobile plus


Karnataka Bank, in its constant endeavour to meet the customer requirements has introduced the revamped mobile banking app named as “KBL Mobile Plus”.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Savings Bank Account in his/her individual capacity and in case of joint accounts operated by either or survivor or anyone or survivor.
  • Current Accounts in the name of individual and proprietary concern.
  • Ineligible accounts are not allowed to register for this service.

KBL Mobile Plus App Tutorials/Walkthrough


Self Registration Process Know more

Transaction limits:

Considering all the features and the risk factors involved in mobile banking services, the transaction limit per day, per customer is fixed at the following levels:

Mode Maximum daily cap (both fund transfer & transactions involving purchase of goods / services)
GPRS/Android App mobile banking (encrypted end to end) ₹2,00,000/-

For queries w.r.t. KBL Mobile Plus App write to us at kblmobileatktkbank [dot] com or toll free number 18004251444