KBL Xpress SB account

Open Instant
SB Account Online

in just 3 easy Steps

please be ready with PAN card, e-mail id and
Mobile Number linked with AADHAAR

KBL Instant SB Account Online

Customers can open SB account from their home, office or any convenient place and complete KYC verification through Video Call. The process is completely paper less and need no visit to Bank branch.

Features of KBL Instant SB Account Online through Video KYC:

  • Paperless Digital Account Opening.
  • Choose your preferred branch.
  • No need to visit branch for KYC completion.
  • 24x7 Mobile and Internet Banking facility.
  • Instant Account opening.

Tips to keep in mind while applying for the KBL Instant SB Account Online:

  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Keep the Documents ready for verification such as your PAN, Aadhaar Card etc..
  • Ensure to provide mobile number linked to Aadhaar to applying for your KBL Instant SB Account Online.
  • Use a device (Desktop/Laptop/Mobile phone) with a camera and microphone feature for video KYC.
  • Ensure to provide location access at the beginning of account creation journey. You may modify phone/chrome settings to turn the location access ON.


‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’ is easy mode provided to public to open Saving Bank account online without visiting the Branch and without submitting physical KYC documents.
  • Instant Account Opening from your home /office/preferred location.
  • Paperless account opening.
  • No need to visit branch for submitting KYC.
  • Open any of the Karnataka Bank SB account scheme.
  • Option to select your preferred branch.
  • Customer convenience time and place.
  • Debit card at your Door Step.
  • 24X7 Mobile Banking facility.
Resident Indian citizens with age of 18 years above.
  • Pan Card (Original).
  • Mobile number which is linked to Aadhaar. (To receive Aadhaar OTP).
  • Email ID.
  • White Paper and Blue Pen.

Complete your ‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’opening opening through Aadhaar OTP based E-KYC by Clicking here.

To convert your account to your preferred SB account scheme, you can call our Video KYC agent immediately after opening account or you can schedule a call at your preferred time slot (10.A.M to 5 P.M all working days).

Consent for Video KYC option and click on the video KYC link on the final page of the account opening section. This link is also sent be via SMS and is valid for 7 days from the time it is generated. Click on the link to start your Video KYC. The calls can be made anytime between 10.A.M to 5 P.M on all days other than Sundays and Banks’ Public Holidays.

Allow camera, microphone, and location access. Bank Official click your photograph, verify your original PAN, and take your signature once you are connected.

Once Video KYC is successfully validated, the account will be activated and upgraded to the account of your choice.

If there are connecting issues, you can try the same link. Make sure you reconnect within 7 days and the link expires after that. Moreover, if the verification fails, your video KYC is incomplete. In these cases, you will have to visit the nearest Branch with Physical KYC Documents to get a Full KYC All Benefit Account.

Karnataka Bank will dispatch your welcome-kit to your registered mailing address once the full KYC is completed.

Video KYC is an easy and safe method of account opening. Click here to get started with ‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’.

Video KYC or ‘Video Customer identification Process(V-CIP)’ is an online method of face-to-face identity verification in which organisations carry out their customer Identification process through a video call assisted by a Bank’s officials called as “KYC Agent”.
You can reach by Click here.or
Visit Bank’s website: www.Karnatakabank.com
Under Personal > Savings Account > KBL Instant SB Account Online
Yes, Video-KYC is considered as equivalent to full-KYC. Not only does this make things convenient in the current situation, but it also aligns account-opening better with the new-age digital banking experience.
In case of connectivity issues or other reasons due to which the Video-KYC cannot be completed, the Bank Agent will mark the Video-KYC pending and re-send the link for completion of the process. Or else, the customer can re-try again by visiting the Bank’s website and get the OTP by entering mobile number and email id. It will be directly going to Video KYC screen.
Yes, Online Savings Bank Accounts is available 24X7. You can always access the link provided in Bank’s website. But, Hunting Call/Live But, Video Call is available between 10.A.M to 5 P.M on all days other than Sundays and Banks’ Public Holidays.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Devices link Desktop/Laptop/Mobile etc., with a camera and microphone feature for video KYC.
  • Ensure to provide Location access and Camera Access.
  • Ensure to have Mobile Number linked to Aadhaar.
  • Keep the Documents PAN & Aadhaar.
  • White Paper and Blue Pen.
Yes, ‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’ is safe. It is a full-fledged Savings Account equivalent to regular savings account and is safe because the banks are mandated to follow the guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
You or anyone else can transfer money to your SB Account open through ‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’ mode with the help of your account number, IFSC code or UPI address. You can find these details in the email sent to your registered email address and on the mobile banking app of your bank.
You can withdraw money from your ‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’ upon completion of Video KYC. You can withdraw through your debit card, cheque book, cardless withdrawal facility and transfer money online.
You can also visit the bank branch to withdraw cash.
‘KBL Instant SB Account Online’ mode, you open a Savings Account instantly with no paperwork or bank branch visit.